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Surveying Services

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Clients: Architects, Engineers, Government Agencies, and Landscape Architects

CW Design Group provides a wide range of surveying and right-of-way services for transportation and land development projects throughout Ohio.

Field services:

  • Topographic & Utility
    Collect data to provide graphical representation of surface features on a map and CAD drawing, indicating their relative positions and elevations.
  • Roadway
    Survey of roadway improvement projects including extensions, widenings and ADA accessibility.
  • Boundary & Right-of-Way
    Existing monuments will be located and used to depict the boundary and right-of-way lines of a property.
  • Bridge
    Pertinent bridge data can be collected including piers, abutments and bottom of beams and bridge clearances.
  • Horizontal/Vertical Control
    If a project is required to be in State Plane Coordinates NAVD88 (2011), CWDG can establish control quickly and accurately with GPS VRS.

Surveying services:

  • Mapping
    Process field data to develop base mapping and exhibits.
  • Right-of-Way Design
    ODOT style right-of-way plans can be developed for transportation and land development project as well as condensed legal descriptions and/or exhibits.
  • Zoning Exhibits
    Prepare existing mapping for zoning variances and approvals.
  • ALTA Exhibits
    Prepare ALTA surveys for project based on current ALTA/ACSM standards.
  • Easement Descriptions
    Prepare legal descriptions (metes and bounds) and exhibits for utility and ingress/egress easements.
  • Plats
    Develop plats for new subdivisions.